humble beginnings

I have always wondered why I always love getting involved with political debates, campaign strategies, protocol implementations, youth training and public speaking, so I searched. I just couldn’t let the time pass by.

Although my grand parents and all other old folks in the family, molded our minds of recognizing our ancestors, at a very young age, none of us would really remember and dig into the history. But, somehow, I do remember the sit down talks where our Aragon uncles would gather us (they enjoyed what their fathers used to do), to tell us about the family tree, telling us histories back from the first president of Spain (the Aragones).  All they ever wanted was for us not to forget.

I am an Aragon.  My great, great-grandfather is Pedro Aragon, the father of the late Aurora Antonia Aragón Vd.ª de Quezón, (February 19, 1888 – April 28, 1949) wife of the second president of the Philippines, Manuel L. Quezon (August 19, 1878 – August 1, 1944).  That is from my mother’s side. Her name is Angelita Garcia Aragon, Daughter of Dona Anita Garcia Vda de Aragon and Don Julian Aragon -the grandson of Pedro Aragon.  My mother has a brother by the name of Antonio G. Aragon. The Aragon family is too big to tell a story. I leave that for the my next chapters. 🙂 My great, great-grandmother was much beloved by Filipinos, Aurora Aragon Quezón was known for involvement with humanitarian activities and served as the first Chairperson of the Philippine National Red Cross.

Tracing back my father’s genealogy, to my surprise, I am a descendant of the late Marcelo Hilario del Pilar y Gatmaitán (August 30, 1850 – July 4, 1896), where the name of my hometown came from “Plaridel”.  My father’s name is Generoso Gatmaitan Dayrit. Born of  the couples Bernardina Gatmaitan and Necomedes Garcia Dayrit. Marcelo H. Del Pilar y Gatmaitan was a Filipino writer, lawyer, and journalist. He was the second and last editor of the La Solidaridad (Solidarity), the newspaper of the Reform Movement in Spain.

Now I know why I am like this. I was born to speak up, to write and be part of my country’s history. 🙂

-this is my humble beginnings

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