unexpected returns

I was surprised by one of our housekeeping staff this morning when he came to my office, carrying a small plastic bag and he said… “good morning madam; this one, salary me”.  I thought for a while that he’s asking for his salary, or the funny thought that he’s giving me his salary 🙂 but it was a can of red bull and a packet of biscuit. He wanted me to have it, and he just said that it came from his salary. I broke into tears. He went out with a gesture of a humbly bowing head with his right hand in his heart (chest). He’s the one who gets up early, in the office at 5:00 am, doing his best to clean before I arrive. Yesterday, actually; I gave him my breakfast. I did so because the food being  served to me daily is just the same and deep inside, I know I’m tired of it, so instead of throwing it, I called him and gave it to him. I did not expect that he felt so cared for by my action that he did his best to return the favor. His name is Yakoub, and he’s from Bangladesh. He taught me the value of giving.  I was sorry thinking of my motives when I gave him my food and realizing his response to that act; blew me away. Thank you Yakoub, you are a teacher of kindness.

unexpected returns
unexpected returns

The picture which captioned “I cook for you” is from Manik. Also from Bangladesh. Manik is my assistant in the yacht which is owned by my boss. I worked so hard for that tourism venture of my boss and Manik worked even harder. I’ve known him for 3 years now, and when the yacht was sold, we still work together for my boss’ asset management company. Manik drives me home every night after my second shift. I always keep something for him, because I so love this boy and I know he doesn’t have time to sit down and enjoy a regular meal in a day.  I even call him “chiko” which means “baby” because he’s like a son to me. Every now and then, he surprises me with his cooking. He would take some time from his very busy day to cook for me. He keeps it in a food warmer in his truck, and waits patiently until his pick up time (7:30 pm) to hand the food to me. By the way, it is the best chicken biryani that I have ever tasted. Thank you Manik, you are a teacher of love and kindness and the art of surprises.

My student, which when I said I work on my second shift (It’s actually a tutorial), is a 5-year-old little angel by the name of Fakhra. She is an Emirate. When I first taught her, she could not recognize the alphabet, that was just in January of this year, I couldn’t think of how to organize my lessons for her to grasp them quickly, I almost gave up, because English is not her first language. It was a struggle for me. But now it’s May, four months later, she is the number one in her class, she brings home “excellent” stamps and she reads story books in her class. The picture with “close if finish” is a chocolate box which she wants me to enjoy, but not to bring home.. 😦 her reason is that, “I want to see you eat this while we have class” ~good reason, so I kept my cravings still. Fakhra is such a strong teacher. Thank you little girl, you taught me patience and perseverance.

These are just three of the many gifts I receive every now and then, all of them have their own touching stories behind. I wanted to compile them into one and someday make an inspirational true stories for others to learn as well, but as they keep piling up, I noticed that it is my children, who really learn from each, as they always see how it happens and appreciates. Little did I know that these people around me, does not only teach me, but my children as well. I guess that is enough inspiration result already.

Much as I would like to brag about them all; I am always tamed by this wisdom…

keep them to yourself
keep them to yourself ~dgad (c) 2014

My blog is not to brag, it’s about sharing the learning I get from the teachers around me.

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