an open letter to kris aquino

from a legitimate taxpayer
from a legitimate taxpayer

I love this blog community. The administrators not only check statistics, but rather go deep into knowing how to encourage us writers. Last week I have not had enough time to write but I always open my daily post messages, and despite my absence, I (daily) think of the reminders and these ideas would never leave my head no matter what I do. I dream that if I should ever go back to writing again, then I will refer to the (any daily post push) insights that inspire me.


This post is about I Can’t Stay Mad at You” . Which was about any grudges or just anything that we can’t forgive of may be holding on to. 


So here’s my share.

One thought on “an open letter to kris aquino

  1. Since one of the challenges in my ongoing course is dealing with my big assumptions and planning a strategy to cope up and stay away from it; I decided to post this blog in my facebook group (#tanggulang demokrasya) where most of the members are bold enough to speak up and give open remarks to the government. I have my shares too, but I never had the guts but I think I was just afraid. So my application on the course exercise was a bit hard for me. Anyway, I received plenty of remarks, mostly negative. I did not want to comment back, because I wanted to stay in the context of my letter, and not to open another topic. I stayed low.

    To them who called me a hypocrite by not discussing the government issues pertaining to the family of my subject; I say it shall be dealt on another venue. I give high respect to their notes and really, I am up to now, challenged. I owe the group a commendation.


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