worry box

what's in your worry box?
what’s in your worry box?

What’s in your box? Fear of acceptance? Need to belong? Aim for perfection? Are you tired of being criticized? Does your pride overpower your ability of being modest? Are you afraid of commitment? Do you sometimes wish that others be put to blame instead? Have you quit on trusting? Have you stopped caring?

Does your attitude in life lead you to being positive? Are you ashamed of your past? Are you haunted by your own shadow and guilt? Is your disposition firm or affected by others? Does your behavior define your inner self?

I do, I am, and yes I have them all. And I feel tired. These uncomfortable feelings make me sick. I want them all out in the open. For I have decided once and for all; that I must change.

All of us have a list of goals. But these things in our box seem to work against our way to achievement. If in all your life you fought for and considered others, maybe it’s time you tell yourself, that “It’s not always about them; at one point it should be about me”. Goals are achieved only; if we are ready to conquer our fears and worries.

What keeps you?

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