common variable

siblings 3

Our names were unique because Papa and Mama have high dreams even before we were born. Azrielle Jane, Deborah Gay, Darrel John, Sheila Faye, Nathan James, Eugene Paul.

Six siblings; individual characters.

Azrielle Jane, born 11 June 1970. The eldest, is a woman of great intellect. You were envisioned to follow Mama’s footsteps in the church ministry. At grade school you were writing your bully classmate with a straight all-English angry letter composition. 🙂 You were always on the top, honor roll up to high school. No one among us ever competed with your extraordinary brain. You are loved by your friends as well as our cousins. An adventurer in your youth; yet a home-buddy. Sounds extreme but true. You grew up to be very supportive and loving. You are tough in the outside; soft inside…I know that very well. You are loud and proud, but with limits. I always thought you know everything; but I feel proud of myself every time you call me for something -you can’t cook. Admit it.

Deborah Gay, 08 August 1971. I am just me. tell me what I must know; I need to hear it from all of you.

Darrel John, 23 July 1972. The most quiet, the most calm during peaceful times. You are a very hard worker. An Einstein in the family. Your wisdom is endless. One thing; a million view. You are dependable and you make things happen. Your love for your family exceeds my comprehension. The respect you have planted in everyone’s heart will always be considered. You love music, you love to sing. Your long prayers during childhood remind me of how close we are to God. I believe it was your deep prayers that brought us all to survival. You are a man of great heart.

Sheila Faye, 28 December 1974. The sweetest princess. Dependent to everyone, you are forgiven. You inherited Mama’s heart for service and compassion to ministry. Your softness turned to strength as you successfully finished your tough university days, being away and alone, you proved to have grown strong. You are most loved and adored. A great mother and the same sweet little princess of our family.

Nathan James, 15 August 1975. You have the softest heart among the boys. Your softness is shown by the way tears would fall from your eyes, both in our lowest and happiest in times. You are gifted with an extraordinary talent -you just don’t realize it as much as I do. You are the greatest help anybody could ever ask for. Never in my life have I asked of you that you did not do. You go beyond your circle, you try to reach for more. When others give up; you won’t. You are a man of great perseverance.

Eugene Paul, 15 October 1976. The sweet youngest among the six. The loveliest boy, with the sweetest smile. You are the best mountain climber I have ever been with. You are courageous and you will never ever ran out of reasons. I will never forget how tight you embrace me, with or without problem; you were always warm and loving. Your children adore you, so do we. Adventurer, discoverer and bold -those traits compose you.

siblings 2

We may not be the best family, nor have had the most admired childhood memories; yet we are united. Mama’s strong spirit bound us together. Papa’s intellect and daring attitude molded us. We are not perfect, nobody is. Our stories make up a series of a long volume encyclopedia. Our life’s index will have topics and sub-topics, it will have to be divided in different categories. But to me, they don’t actually matter. Our life has a common variable that we have forgotten.


Let the spirit of our dear father bind us all again together. In these times of Mama’s longings for him, may we be able to at least fill that vacuum in her heart. She needs us now more than ever. We may be apart from each other, busy with our personal life’s struggles; but let us not forget one of the most important reason why we are still united as a family. Mama fought for us; its time we do our share.

The differences will remain to be there, to those all we need is an ounce of understanding and forgiveness. May the failures be our foundation to aim high as we step on them and continue our journey up-bound.   Yes we can look back; but let them remain to be memories.

Our children and grandchildren will inherit the wisdom that was bestowed upon us. As we walk ahead of them in this complex and complicated world; may we take enough effort to overlay a strong foundation, that once they reach those roads;  they would benefit from the strong foundation laid before them.

We have a common variable; not only we are siblings, but in those times we were still in Mama’s womb; we were all lifted up to God.

My frame was not hidden from you
when I was made in the secret place,
when I was woven together in the depths of the earth.
Your eyes saw my unformed body;
all the days ordained for me were written in your book
before one of them came to be.

-Psalm of King David 139:15-16

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  1. your courage is your greatest strength ~ no one among us can possibly as courageous as you.
    You have triumped countless storms in life that has made you who you are. Your positivity in every situation is admirable….you have had all sort of life’s situation and faced each of them with a smile on your face. You bring hope to all of us – always ready to lend a helping hand.


    1. I am humbled by your remarks. I love you so much. Want you to know that I got my writing skills from you. And wait, yeah you are the family’s Ms. fact you turned over your throne to our beautiful and gorgeous girls..and your brain, I think Patricia inherited it. 🙂


      1. thanks sis ~ your writing skills may have been inspired be me but the free flowing expressions from your is a natural. I am always so proud of you.
        The girls in the family are pretty and gorgeous not because they got that from us but because they are taught that beauty comes from inside the heart. Remember Mama always telling us when we were young; what makes a person beautiful is what’s inside the heart.
        Continue your amazing writing and I am your number 1 fan.

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  2. thank you my dear sister….that really touches me a lot…your right on my characters…that’s ETHAN…. salamat din na may nakakaapreciate pala ng nagagawa ko para sa iba…hindi q nakakalimutan yang word mo about sa circle..hanggang ngayon tanda ko pa din yan…salahat ng kapatid ko higit sa lahat kay MAMA…patawad sa mga nakaraan..sobrang matapang lang siguro ako..puro tapang walang utak kaya puro palpak…MAHAL ko kayong lahta alam nyo yan…and one last thing….alam ko na tinitiis nyo ako dahil gusto nyo ako matuto..ngayon ako naman sana nang pagbigyan nyo na gamitin ang salitang TAMA NA..KAILANGAN KO NG PAGMAMAHAL,PANGUNAWA,,,AT PAGTITIWALA NG KAPATID AT MAGULANG….you all know my life is a big journey…i,m on the edge of it…want you all to be with me in all the times that i have left………GOD KNOWS I LOVE YOU ALL…..ILL JUST SEE YOU ALL WHEN WE GET THERE….I LOVE U ATE..

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  3. I want to break my silence and been thinking the common variable that always appear in my FB. Amazing writing Gay you really gave a very nice input especially for me. I ask Marco what is common variable in Math but he said constant variable exist in Math. Ok let’s us put it this way you have two names, you have two parents and two grandparents from Aragon and two grandparents from Dayrit. The blessings of the Lord is not only 2 , 4, 6, ……12 the blessings of the Lord is never ending. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me will all your heart. NIV Jeremiah 29 :11-13.

    You are all lovely. God bless you all and your family.

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    1. Thank you Kuya Ric for a very encouraging message.
      These verses from Jeremiah is one of my favorites. Through those words I was able to stand up and choose life, back in 1990 during my life changing struggles, it was my turning point. Am so happy you quoted that here. I love you.

      May God’s blessings be upon you and your family too.


      1. God is always levelling the fields for everybody who is willing to obey and follow His instructions. Ingatan ka nawa ng Panginoon sa lahat mong gagawin

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